Custom Design

Glass is a captivating, rich and luxurious-looking material.

When glass items are incorporated into a home’s interior design, the result is a unique statement that is personal, modern and vibrant.
Throughout the years, in addition to creating with glass, I have been working with my husband, Moshe, who is involved in the various stages of construction work. I am aware of the complexity and different needs that arise when building a new house or renovating.
This experience has taught me to design products that are specifically adapted to the customer’s specifications, as I understand the importance of small details, precision in measurements according to the architect/interior designer’s plans and meeting schedule deadlines, all while finding implementable solutions for the customer’s needs.

Now available are tiles, decorative mirrors, lighting elements, large pictures, matching sets of mezuzah covers and family name signs, and more...


Borrow products from the gallery for photo shoots. For details, write to us and we’ll contact you.

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