“Creating is a wonderful way to touch and illuminate a person’s heart.”


All products are handmade with love and attention to the smallest details, so you can enjoy a perfect work of art. All products can be ordered in the colors of your choice.


The process of creating art with glass is magical and intriguing.

When you visit the studio and gallery, you will discover the wonderful world of glass and how the magic happens.

Maanit will demonstrate and explain the unique process, so that you can create your own gorgeous pieces of art in a workshop for two or as a group.

A tasty, healthy and eye-catching home cooked meal can be ordered to complement your workshop.

For Professionals

At the studio, we create a variety of products, elements and design items that will help you create a unique, personalized space for your clients and complement the design scheme they have chosen.

Pieces may be especially ordered according to your size and color preferences.

Have a new idea, wondering if it’s possible?

Now’s the time to contact us. We have years of experience in the field of construction and can help you think of practical and aesthetic solutions.

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