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Meet the Artists - Active Demonstration

Careful - Broken Glass!

You won’t be hearing anyone say that in Maanit’s studio! Here, we break, design with and even let you touch the colorful, bright pieces of broken glass. During your visit at the studio, you can watch a demonstration using real fire and see how glass is welded and designed into beads,  as well as creating a design with hot glass 

using the fusing technique (in a kiln). During the demonstration, Maanit shares the crafting process with the audience and speaks of the early days when the community of Kida was first established. She tells the story of her family and a few other members who transformed the small hilltop of just two caravans into a flourishing community.

At the studio, you can take in the panoramic view overlooking the Jordan Valley, purchase gifts and souvenirs at the gallery and enjoy the coffee corner and hospitality.

Nearby, you can visit the Mibereshit workshop, where an assortment of creams and natural remedies are produced, the B’Ikvey HaTzon Dairy where wonderfully tasty cheeses and yoghurts are made of goat’s milk, the Saboneto natural soap factory, Ancient Shiloh, a flute-making workshop and more… All of these attractions are just a few minute drive away from our studio in Kida.

For additional information about the region and special events, see the Binyamin Tourism website:

Suitable for families and groups of up to 50 people.

Price per visitor:

20 NIS per visitor includes light refreshments.

10 NIS per visitor does not includ refreshments.

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Workshops - Do It Yourself

How Do You Craft with Glass?

Come discover how to craft your own uniquely designed dishes, mezuzah cases, jewelry and more with fused glass. Enjoy the experience together in a vibrant, spacious and pleasant studio. This is a fantastic way to spend quality time together, plus you’ll leave with gorgeous, useful and vividly colorful glass items. We’ll learn how to transform a flat sheet of glass into dishes, jewelry and other items. We’ll experiment with different cutting and design techniques using tools used by glass artists. Next, you’ll choose what you would like to create from a large selection of possibilities and whether you would like to create a piece together or separately. You’ll receive a clear sheet of glass that is the size of the item you chose. Now’s the moment when you create the entire design yourselves using colorful glass pieces. Workshop participants create their pieces using the very same glass that Maanit uses for her own work, so the pieces come out looking professional and high-quality, and are completely usable. At the end of the workshop, the crafted items will remain at the studio for fusing in a special kiln, and when they are ready, you can 

come pick them up or have them sent with a messenger straight to your door (in Israel) or mailed overseas by registered mail. The studio is spacious and pleasant, with a coffee corner, homemade cookies and other treats for workshop participants. You may also order a home-cooked gourmet meal and sit in one of the serene corners of the gallery as music plays in the background, or on the porch overlooking the breathtaking landscape when the weather is pleasant. Suitable for participates ages 6 and up. For men and women, festive occasions, team-building events for employees and any group interested in a fun and different experience together, with the added bonus of a souvenir that each participant can create for themselves.

Up to 35 participants per workshop.

The workshop is 1.5 – 2.5 hours long (depends on the number of participants)


Workshop for couples: “Shards” 550 NIS / “Two of us” 700 NIS / “Like an artist” 850 NIS.

3-5 participants: 200 NIS per participant.

6-10 participants: 180 NIS per participant.

11-35 participants: 150 NIS per participant.

* Prices do not include delivery costs when items are ready.

  ***Gift Certificates Available***

What can you make at our workshops?